'Letters from Publius' 2014

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'Letters from Publius,' a monthly publication, includes articles such as:

  • News from the AHA Society
  • Initiatives currently underway
  • Posts from the AHA! blog
  • All Places Hamilton features
  • Upcoming events related to Alexander Hamilton
  • Alexander Hamilton and his life
  • And more...

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 'Letters from Publius' Archives - 2014

To read one of the past publications, click on the corresponding month below. 

November/December 2014
Hamiton and US Manufacturing

Features on Hamilton's encouragement of developing manufacturing in the US


October 2014
Creating the US Customs Service

Introduction to Hamilton's role in establishing the US Customs Service, plus recent historical events


September 2014
225th Anniversary - Secretary of the Treasury 

Commemorations for the 225th anniversary of Alexander Hamilton becoming the Secretary of the Treasury 


Summer 2014
CelebrateHAMILTON and more

Summer news, including the third annual CelebrateHAMILTON program and the Conference on New York State History


May 2014
Honoring Hamilton's Ties to Nevis

Discusses current-day initiatives to honor Alexander Hamilton in his native homeland of Nevis


April 2014
Washington's Presidential Inauguration 

This month's newsletter celebrates the 225th anniversary of George Washington's Presidential Inauguration in New York City


March 2014
Revenue Act of 1791 

Continuing the theme of commemorative topics on Hamilton's Secretaryship, this month discusses the first internal revenue tax


February 2014
The First Bank of the United States 

The first of commemorative topics for the 225th anniversary of Hamilton beocming Secretary of the Treasury, plus a look back at Happy Birthday Hamilton! 2014


January 2014
Happy Birthday Hamilton! 

Details about January's events, AHA membership, Hamilton calendars, and more

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