Hamilton's Greatest Hits

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What are 'Hamilton's Greatest Hits'?

hamilton bustHamilton's Greatest Hits discusses imporant historical realities that would not have occurred if it weren't for Alexander Hamilton's vision, intelligence, and dedication. Topics cover everything from significant events to critical documents.

This section explores just how broad and significant Hamilton's contributions were. Click on each link to explore each statement and the historical proof behind it.

Note: New 'hits' will be continually added. Check back regularly for additions.


Hamilton's Greatest Hits

The US Constitution...thanks to Alexander Hamilton.

The Federalist Papers...thanks to Alexander Hamilton.

Louisiana Purchase....thanks to Alexander Hamilton.

New York City...thanks to Alexander Hamilton. (coming soon)

Washington, D.C...thanks to Alexander Hamilton. (coming soon)

Thomas Jefferson as U.S. President...thanks to Alexander Hamilton. (coming soon)

US Manufacturing...thanks to Alexander Hamilton. (coming soon)

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