A Tale of Two Mrs. Hamiltons

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A Tale of Two Mrs. Hamiltons  

A Fun Story By AHA Member Lynda Graubert


Recently, a friend of mine, a Canadian ex-pat living in Portugal, contacted me quite excited about seeing a portrait of “Lady Hamilton” while visiting a local museum. She thought it had to be an original portrait of Eliza Hamilton. At the Casa dos Patudos - Museu de Alpiarca, she told the tour guide of a friend in New York who is a huge card-carrying Hamilton fan, so he allowed her to take a picture.  

Well, knowing there are only two known portraits of our Eliza Hamilton I did some research only to find out that the portrait was of a different Mrs. Hamilton. The painting featured the mistress of Lord Horatio Nelson (see the great movie with Vivien Leigh and Sir Laurence Olivier directed by Alexander Korda.)  She was the muse of the English portrait painter, George Romney.


What’s the connection?  Lord Nelson was married to a woman from Nevis, birthplace of Alexander Hamilton.   

Lady Hamilton

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