Restoring the Alexander Hamilton Monument

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By Nicole Scholet
October 15, 2013

Restoration of the Alexander Hamilton monument is underwayRestoration of the Alexander Hamilton monument is underwayTrinity Wall Street in lower Manhattan in New York City has recently started a restoration project of the Hamilton graves in the Trinity churchyard. Alexander Hamilton and his wife Elizabeth Hamilton (and it is believed their eldest son Philip Hamilton) are all buried here. 

To get a special look behind the scaffolding and see the restoration in progress, watch this video. In it, Arthur Piccolo, Chairman of the the Bowling Green Association, interviews Luke Johns, the Project Manager for Trinity Wall Street on the process of restoring Hamilton's monument.

The monument, which has stood over Alexander Hamilton's final resting place since 1806, was placed there by the Society of Cincinnati, a fraternal veteran's group of Revolutionary War officers.

The monument reads: 

In testimony of their Respect
The Patriot of incorruptible Integrity,
The Soldier of approved Valour
The Statesman of consummate Wisdom;
Whose Talents and Virtues will be admired
Grateful Posterity
Long after this Marble shall have mouldered into Dust
Alexander Hamilton

We at the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society are grateful to Trinity Wall Street for its stewardship of the Alexander Hamilton monument and grave. The current work being done on the monument will help preserve it for many more generations of "grateful posterity." 

As the Rector of Trinity Church has stated in the "Rector's Diary" from

This is part of our ongoing effort to preserve the history entrusted to Trinity. The monument is over more than 200 years old and the marble and sandstone are in need of cleaning and repair. The restoration will take place over the course of several months.

After the restoration's completion, the AHA Society will host a re-dedication ceremony of the monument on January 10th as part of Happy Birthday Hamilton! 2014. All are welcome to join us as we celebrate this commitment to preserving the memory of Alexander Hamilton.

The area surrounding the Hamilton monument is closed off for restorationThe area surrounding the Hamilton monument is closed off for restoration

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