Hamilton on the Hudson

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Hamilton on the Hudson

As part of our All Places Hamilton initiative to encouarge visitation to historical sites connected to Alexander Hamilton, the AHA Society hosts the Hamilton on the Hudson program. This series of events focuses on Alexander Hamilton's various connections to the Hudson River Valley of New York. 

When does Hamilton on the Hudson take place?

In July, often under the umbrella of the annual CelebrateHAMILTON program. 

Where is Hamilton on the Hudson held?

At historic sites throughout the Hudson Valley area of New York. Each year's program tends to focus on a different region of the Hudson Valley (Mid, Upper, and Lower).

What kind of events are held during Hamilton on the Hudson?

Each year's program includes a variety of events, such as walking tours, exhibits, original presentations, and historic site visits.

How can I support Hamilton on the Hudson?

The AHA Society makes as many of the events open and free to the public as possible - please support Hamilton on the Hudson through donations to help sustain this ambitious programming.



Click below on the blue buttons to see each year's program of events, plus photos, videos, and articles. 

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