First Bank Chartering - 225th Anniversary

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On February 25, 2016, the 225th anniversary of the chartering of the Bank of the United States was commemorated in Philadelphia. This event was presented by the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society in conjunction with Independence National Historical Park, the Friends of INHP, City Tavern, and American Historical Theatre.

First Bank 225th Quick Links:


Event Descriptions 

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson Debate on the Bank

Bus 225th DebateAt noon, a debate on the constitutionality of a national bank was held between Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson at City Tavern.

Visit inside the First Bank Building

BUS 225th Interior

Leads for the First Bank Restoration Project went inside the First Bank building with Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton to see the beautiful interior. 


Twitter Archive

During the 225th anniversary, the AHA Society shared pictures and event updates on its Twitter account in real time.

All the tweets from the 225th anniversary events have been compiled into a collection on for anyone to browse through - no need to have a Twitter account! 

twitter archive


Event Media


All Places Hamilton - First Bank

first bank historicLearn about Alexander Hamilton's connection to the First Bank building, which still stands today in Philadelphia. 

First Bank Building page



Event Videos

Hamilton vs Jefferson Debate (coming soon)

(Recommended full screen viewing - click on the video to play and then click on the box in the lower right-hand corner) 


Event Photo Album

Note: By clicking on the picture below, you will be directed to the AHA Society Facebook page, where our albums are posted. You do not have to be a member of Facebook to browse the pictures (But if you are, we welcome 'likes' and comments!)


BUS 225th BuildingView pictures from the full day's program, including the Hamilton-Jefferson debate on a national bank at City Tavern and a visit to the First Bank building.

See photo album.


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2011 First Bank Chartering - 225th Anniversary. (c) 2016 The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society
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