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Enjoy seeing history up close and personal? Special exhibitions offer visitors a great opportunity to learn about Alexander Hamilton's life and often view original Hamilton artifacts that are normally locked away in archives.

To help you discover what exhibitions are available to you, the AHA Society has compiled a database of Alexander Hamilton exhibitions open to the public. Scroll down to see both current exhibitions and past exhibitions.

Know of an Alexander Hamilton exhibition not listed here? Let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Alexander Hamilton: An Important Family Archive of Letters and Manuscripts

Date: January 11-17, 2017

77 lots of important Hamilton and Schuyler family documents will go on auction at Sothesbys in New York City on January 18, 2017. The week prior to the auction, the items will be on display for the public. These documents include Alexander Hamilton's appointment as aide-de-camp to George Washington; a letter from Alexander Hamilton to Peggy Schuyler talking about his love for Eliza; love letters to Eliza; letters from Angelica Schuyler Church to Hamilton; Hamilton's plans for building the Grange; and so much more. 

Exhibition details.

Artifacts in the Hamilton Room - Museum of American Finance, New York City

Date: Ongoing, with new offerings beginning July 12, 2016

The Museum's Alexander Hamilton Room was designed in the federalist style in 1927 to pay tribute to the Walton House, where the Bank of New York (which Alexander Hamilton helped found) first conducted business in 1784. The room originally served as the bank president's office and today hosts special exhibitions on Alexander Hamilton.

Exhibition details

"Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America" Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJ

End Date: Through 2017

During the CelebrateHAMILTON events in Paterson on July 10th, the Paterson Museum had on display several original documents related to Alexander Hamilton and the creation of the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures, which led to the founding of the city of Paterson.

In addition to the original artifacts, the multi-panel exhibit "Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America," originally created by the Gilder-Lehrman Institute and New-York Historical Society, is on display in the museum. The exhibit features reproductions of original Hamilton documents and explores many aspects of his life, including his legacy in the development of the United States.

Museum Information (call for exhibit information)

Past Exhibitions (as of 2016)

"Spotlight: Alexander Hamilton" - Albany Institute of History & Art, Albany, NY

Dates: July 7 - December 31, 2016

From Albany Heritage: "This special exhibition, offered during the Albany Institute’s 225th year, highlights Hamilton’s connections to Albany, New York through personal papers, family heirlooms, historic preservation efforts, and a stunning portrait painted by Albany’s own renowned artist Ezra Ames (1768—1836). "This exhibition looks at all the different ways Hamilton and Albany are linked," says Albany Institute’s curator Diane Shewchuk. "Hamilton's connection to Albany started with the Schuyler family, but it is a story that is richer than most people realize and this is a great opportunity to tell it.""

Albany is also highlighting Alexander Hamilton's connection to the city through the "Hamilton in Albany Experience" with special tours and events. 

Exhibition details

"Alexander Hamilton: Architect of the American Financial System" - Chadds Ford Historical Society, PA

End Date: December 31, 2016

Inspired by the Museum of American Finance's exhibition, "Alexander Hamilton: Indispensable Founder and Visionary," Phyllis Recca and Gene Pisasale (both members of the AHA Society) curated this exhibit for the Chadds Ford Historical Society in Pennsylvania. The exhibit was set up to display a wide variety of artifacts and memorabilia related to Alexander Hamilton and contains over 50 items. Some of the exhibition highlights include: an original July 1804 edition of the New York Herald with an article containing letters exchanged between Hamilton and Burr before their duel and Hamilton’s obituary; historic items commemorating Hamilton and his accomplishments; books; magazines; and related items. The objective of the exhibit is to highlight the wide range of activities Hamilton was involved in as well as the numerous celebrations of his life done over the past two centuries. 

Chadds Ford Historical Society
Exhibition Photo Album to be shared shortly 

"Alexander Hamilton: Striver, Statesman, Scoundrel" - New York Public Library, NYC

End Date: December 31, 2016

View original documents from the collections of the New York Public Library on Alexander Hamilton, including Hamilton's draft of George Washington's Farewell Address, personal correspondence, the Federalist essays as originally printed in newspapers, and Hamilton's proposed plan for a Constitution.

Exhibition details

"Hamilton's Final Act" - Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, NY

End Date: December 31, 2016

See the letters that were exchanged between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr and their seconds leading up to their affair of honor held on July 11, 1804. Also on display are: a lock of Hamilton's hair, personal effects, and portraits. 

Exhibition details

"Alexander Hamilton Exhibit" - Centerville, Ohio

Date: November 29th - December 31, 2016

The multi-panel display originally created by the Gilder-Lehrman Institute and New-York Historical Society will be on display at the Washington-Centerville Library in Centerville, Ohio.The exhibition features images of original Hamilton documents and portraits and explores many aspects of his life, including his legacy in the development of the United States.There will also be several accompanying events at the library during the exhibition's run.

Exhibition details

"Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America" - Naper Settlement, Naperville, IL

End Date: October 12, 2016

The multi-panel display originally created by the Gilder-Lehrman Institute and New-York Historical Society will be on display at the Naper Settlement Museum in Naperville, Illinois.The exhibition features images of original Hamilton documents and portraits and explores many aspects of his life, including his legacy in the development of the United States. Also on display are two original New York newspapers and a map from the time of Alexander Hamilton, which were donated by local Naperville collectors.

Exhibition details

 "Summer of Hamilton" - New-York Historical Society, New York City

 Start Date: July 4, 2016

The "Summer of Hamilton" at the New-York Historical Society - which pioneered the ground-breaking 2004 exhibit "Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America" - consists of special exhibitions of Hamilton artifacts and events throughout the summer. 

Artifact highlights include: life-size bronze statues depicting Hamilton and Burr mid-duel; a clock presented by Hamilton in 1797 to the Bank of New York, which he founded; Hamilton’s desk, replicas of the dueling pistols used by Hamilton and Burr, a bust of Hamilton by Giuseppe Ceracchi; a gold mourning ring set with a lock of Hamilton’s hair that Elizabeth Hamilton gave to Nathaniel Pendleton, Hamilton’s second in the duel; love letters from Hamilton to Eliza; the Reynolds Pamphlet; and a letter supporting Thomas Jefferson over Aaron Burr in the presidential election of 1800.

Event highlights include: Celebrating July 4th with Alexander Hamilton, a Hamilton-Burr Duel reenactment, Scavenger Hunt, Trivia, Hamiltunes sing-a-long, Hamilton's New York, and more. 

Exhibition details

"Hamilton Treasures at the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library," Columbia University, New York City

End Date: September 2, 2016

From the Rare Books and Manuscript Library: "In celebration of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton receiving Columbia’s Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama inspired by American History and also the Pulitzer Prize for Drama this spring, the University’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library (RBML) has put some of its Alexander Hamilton manuscripts, rare books, and memorabilia on display through the summer.

RBML welcomes visitors to see such treasures as Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton’s [Eliza’s] double-banded wedding ring, inscribed “Alexander &” “Elizabeth” on the two bands, along with their wedding handkerchiefs.

Also on display, among other items, is the King’s College Matriculation book listing Hamilton’s admission in 1774, a letter from Hamilton to Washington, written when Hamilton was Washington’s aide-de-camp, a letter from Lafayette to Hamilton speaking of “our brotherly union,” a volume of the first edition of “The Federalist Papers” owned by Hamilton, and the first edition of Washington’s “Farewell Address.”"

Exhibition details

"Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America" Library Center, Springfield, MO

End Date: August 8 - September 4, 2016

The multi-panel display originally created by the Gilder-Lehrman Institute and New-York Historical Society will be on display at the Library Center in Springfield, Missouri. The exhibit features reproductions of original Hamilton documents and explores many aspects of his life, including his legacy in the development of the United States.

Exhibition details

"Picturing Prestige: New York Portraits, 1700-1860" - Musuem of the City of New York, New York City

Dates: February 15 - September 18, 2016

This exhibit explores the art of portraiture and the lives of New Yorkers who had their portraits made.  Portraits on display include ones of both Alexander and Eliza Hamilton from the Museum's collection. 

Exhibition details

"Sarah Parker Goodhue: A Hidden Collection Comes to Light" at the New York Society Library, New York City

End Date: August 31, 2016

Both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr used to frequent the New York Society Library, founded in 1754, and the original books that they read are still within the library's collections, including a record of what they borrowed. 

Also within the New York Society Library's Goodhue and Harrison collections are a series of letters related to the Hamilton-Burr duel and its aftermath, including letters written by Eliza Schuyler Hamilton. Facimiles of this correspondence are on display in the Goodhue exhibition at the library, and have also been digitized and available for public viewing.

Exhibition details

About the Hamilton documents in the exhibition

Digitized Hamilton documents

Hamilton Papers Exhibit at the Elizabeth Public Library

Dates: June 20 - July 16, 2016

Original 18th century documents have recently been re-discovered in the archives of the Elizabeth Public Library in Elizabeth, New Jersey and copies of those documents have been put on display for the public. Most of the documents are original bonds created under Alexander Hamilton's financial program while he served as Secretary of the Treasury, and include his signature. 

Premium-level members of the AHA Society are also invited to a special viewing at the library of the original documents themselves duing the AHA Society's CelebrateHAMILTON 2016 program. 

 "Alexander Hamilton and the Foundation of America's Financial System" - National Constitution Center, Philadelphia

End Date: July 4, 2016

From the National Constitution Center: "The National Constitution Center’s new exhibit, Alexander Hamilton and the Foundation of America’s Financial System, explores how Hamilton, America’s first treasury secretary, dealt with these issues under the newly ratified Constitution. In order to place the nation on firm ground, he sought to establish a national system of banking, finance, taxation, coinage, and currency—a complete financial revolution."

Documents include an impressive collection of first-edition prints of Hamilton financial reports and the legislation that turned Hamilton's reports into law, such as the "Report on Manufactures," "Report on Public Credit," "Report on a National Bank," the "Act Establishing A Mint," and "An Act to Incorporate the Subscribers to the Bank of the United States."

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