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The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society supports the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society (NHCS), which maintains the Alexander Hamilton Museum and Birthplace on the island of Nevis, through the AHA for Nevis initiative. The AHA for Nevis program contributes donations and other forms of support to the NHCS to sustain projects to preserve Alexander Hamilton's legacy on his birth island.

As an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the AHA Society accepts donations from donors in the United States and other countries on behalf of key NHCS objectives. 


Alexander Hamilton and Nevis

nevis nchsAlexander Hamilton was born on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean on January 11, 1757. Hamilton, along with his parents and brother, lived in Charlestown, Nevis until he was eight years old, when the family moved to the island of St. Croix. Today the Alexander Hamilton Museum stands on what is believed to be the original site where the Hamilton family lived. 

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About the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society 

NHCS Nevis logoFrom the NHCS website: "The NHCS was established in 1980 to conserve the natural, cultural and historic fabric of the Island of Nevis and her surrounding sea for all its people. We are a non-profit organization whose sources of income include endowments and pledges, admission fees, donations, grants, museum shop sales, fundraising events, membership fees and a small subvention from the Nevis Island Administration. Volunteer services are also contributed. We are located in Charlestown, Nevis at the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, the First Secretary of the United States Treasury."

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Happy Birthday Hamilton! Partnership

HBH 2016 Group Shot at GraveEvery year, the AHA Society and NHCS, as well as government officials from St. Kitts and Nevis, join together to celebrate Alexander Hamilton's January 11th birthday. The two organizations have connected every year via phone or video connection for their joint Hamilton birthday festivities. In 2016, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aviation of St. Kitts and Nevis traveled to New York City and spoke at the official cake cutting at Federal Hall and at Alexander Hamilton's grave at Church. In 2014, the Premier of Nevis also traveled to New York City to attend the Happy Birthday Hamilton! events.

Additionally, the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis issues a proclamation every January 11th, which is read at Alexander Hamilton's grave during the Happy Birthday Hamilton! events. Read the 2015 Proclamation.

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Additional articles about the AHA Society and Nevis

In May 2013, members of the AHA Society Board paid an official visit to Nevis to raise awareness about Alexander Hamilton's roots on the island. The AHA Society Board members were hosted by the NHCS and had official visits with government officials, including a special reception held in their honor at the Hamilton Birthplace Museum. The AHA Society also participated in an unveiling ceremony of new historical plaques in the Nevis Heritage Centre. Read more about the official trip.

AHA Society-designated National Hamilton Scholar William G. Chrystal also visited Nevis in 2015 to perform as Alexander Hamilton, speaking to local schoolchildren and adults alike on "Nevis's Native Son." Read more about Dr. Chrystal's visit to Nevis.

Officials from Nevis and the NHCS participated in the AHA Society-led 250th anniversary celebration of the Hamilton family's move from Nevis to St. Croix. The event was held in June 2015 in Christiansted, St. Croix, with the Senior Minister of Nevis, the Hon. Alexis Jeffers, and Executive Director Evelyn Henville of the NHCS arriving into the port aboard a sailing sloop to represent the arrival of the Hamilton family from Nevis. Read more about this event.


Donate now to the AHA for Nevis initiative. 

Your donations will help the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society fund projects to promote Alexander Hamilton's legacy, including the Alexander Hamilton Birthplace museum. 

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