225th Anniversary - US Coast Guard

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2015 marks the 225th year of the US Coast Guard. Among the many commemorations held to honor this important anniversary was the Coast Guard Festival in New York City. This festival, held July 31st-August 4th, is sponsored by the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society (the AHA Society), the US Coast Guard, the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, and the National Park Service at Federal Hall.

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 Coast Guard Festival Events

Multi-day events for the New York Coast Guard Festival included public tours of the USCG Cutter Eagle at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and a Coast Guard Academy Art Exhibition in Federal Hall. On August 4th, multiple events were held around the city to commemorate Coast Guard Day, including a flag-raising ceremony at Bowling Green. The main program was held inside Federal Hall, the site of the 1790 capitol of the United States. A reenactment with Alexander Hamilton and George Washington took place in the center rotunda, followed by presentations on the history of the Coast Guard. 

Read full event descriptions from the interactive e-flyer.

Flyer for US Coast Guard 225th Anniversary


Live Tweeting Archive

Throughout the Coast Guard Festival, the AHA Society shared pictures, event updates, and historic facts on its Twitter account in real time.

All the tweets have been compiled into a collection on for anyone to browse through - no need to have a Twitter account! 

twitter archive


Coast Guard Festival Videos

C-SPAN3 Broadcast of Federal Hall Reenactment

Cspan 225th coast guard

Watch online the full event that took place in the Federal Hall Rotunda on August 4th that included the US Coast Guard Color Guard and Auxiliary Band, a proclamation from the City of New York, and a reenactment with George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. 



Offical AHA Society Highlights Video

The official summary video of the New York City Coast Guard Festival commemorating the 225th anniversary.



Interview with the AHA Society President

A Chinese film crew aired footage of the Federal Hall Reenactment and interviewed AHA Society President Rand Scholet during the Coast Guard Festival (comments by Rand Scholet in English, news crew commentary in Chinese)


Chinese Interview Coast Guard Festival


Festival Photo Albums

Coming soon.


 For more photos from the events, view the compilation of our live Twitter feed, which shared many photos throughout the events.


Coast Guard Festival Documents

Printable Federal Hall Program 

Click here to view a flyer with a brief description of the US Coast Guard's early history and events planned at Federal Hall. 


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