Hamilton on the Hudson 2013

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Hamilton on the Hudson was a program first held in 2013 by the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society (the AHA Society) to celebrate the 225th anniversary of New York ratifying the US Constitution. Thirteen events were held over a period of three days from July 26-28th to explore Alexander Hamilton's presence in the Hudson River Valley of New York.

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 AHA Society Events for Hamilton on the Hudson 2013 

For descriptions of each event, view the interactive flyer from Hamilton on the Hudson

George Clinton Birthday - Kingston

Ratifying Convention Location Spotlight - Poughkeepsie

Ratifying Convention Commemoration - Poughkeepsie

Tour of Mt. Gulian - Beacon

Walking Tour of Dennings Point - Beacon

Walking Tour of Robinson House and Arnold Escape Route - Garrison-on-Hudson

Tour of Fishkill Supply Depot - Fishkill

Walking Tour of Hamilton descendant graves at Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetary - Poughkeepsie

Viewing of the "Hamilton Mixtape" at Vassar Reading Festival - Poughkeepsie

Tour and Talk at West Point Museum - West Point

Tour of New Windsor Cantonment - New Windsor

Viewing of site of Thomas Ellison House - New Windsor

Speakers Panel on Washington and Hamilton - Newburgh


Hamilton on the Hudson: Videos

Poughkeepsie Journal: "Poughkeepsie's role in New York's ratification of the U.S. Constitution saluted"

The Poughkeepsie Journal produced two videos on The AHA Society events in Poughkeepsie, NY. 


C-SPAN American History Broadcast: 225th Anniversary of New York Ratification

C-SPAN 3 filmed Dr. Andrew Shankman from Rutgers University on "The Gentleman and the Democrat: Alexander Hamilton, Melancton Smith, and the Battle over the US Constitution."


C-SPAN American History Broadcast: Washington and Hamilton's Partnership

The lecture series on Alexander Hamilton and George Washington's wartime partnership and beyond was also filmed by C-SPAN 3. The program includes talks by author Michael Newton on "Washington and Hamilton's Friendship" and AHA Society President Rand Scholet presenting on "Washington's Indispensable Partner", followed by a panel Q&A session.



Hamilton on the Hudson: In the News

Discover the Presidential Past of Newburgh

"Poughkeepsie's role in New York's ratification of the U.S. Constitution saluted"
from the Poughkeepsie Journal 


Hamilton on the Hudson: Details

Interactive Event Flyer

Read through the e-flyer posted prior to Hamilton on the Hudson with dates, times, and descriptions for events.

Press Releases

Browse press releases from before and after Hamilton on the Hudson


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