Happy Birthday Hamilton! 2013

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Happy Birthday Hamilton! was the first annual event by The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society (The AHA Society) to celebrate the birth of Alexander Hamilton. With memorable events and special highlights, Happy Birthday Hamilton! 2013 was a program to remember.

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 AHA Society Events for Happy Birthday Hamilton! 2013

Trinity Wall Street

Outside at Alexander Hamilton's grave, there was a Wreath-Laying, Blessing, Proclamation from Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, and special ceremony in which soil from Hamilton's birthplace in Nevis was sprinkled on his gravesite. Inside Trinity Church, Dr. Richard Sylla from New York University spoke on "The Enduring Relevance of Alexander Hamilton."

Museum of American Finance and Alexander Hamilton Museum, Nevis

For the first time ever, these two locations were linked through a video and audio connection. These simultaneous birthday celebrations included a special moment in which the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis cut a birthday cake at Alexander Hamilton's birthplace at the same time a Hamilton descendant cut a cake at the Museum of American Finance.On Nevis's end, there were various cultural presentations and local students were awarded with the Alexander Hamilton Scholarship. 

Hamilton Grange

Rand Scholet, Founder of The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society, presented on "Washington's Indispensable Partner" and National Park Service Rangers gave a talk on "Hamilton's Caribbean." Visitors signed a large Birthday Card for Alexander Hamilton with a quill and ink.


Happy Birthday Hamilton! In the News

Technology to Connect Alexander Hamilton's Birthday with NYC
from News Americas

In Upper Manhattan, two historic houses fete Alexander Hamilton's Birthday
from Examiner.com

Nevis and New York Team Up to Memorialize Alexander Hamilton
from The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer

Alexander Hamilton Birthday Celebration 2013 Event
from Friends of St. Nicholas Park

Alexander Hamilton's Birthday: Wreath-Laying at Trinity Wall Street
from The Dusty Rebel

News Americas Publisher Helps Mark Alexander Hamilton's 256th B-day
from News Americas


Happy Birthday Hamilton! Videos

Trinity Church Broadcast

Dr. Richard Sylla's talk duriong The AHA Society's event at Trinity Wall Street was broadcast live on Trinity's website. The video will be available soon to watch on demand here

C-SPAN Broadcast

C-SPAN also filmed Dr. Sylla's talk at Trinity Wall Stree and broadcast it on C-SPAN 3 American History channel. Watch it on demand here.


(Recommended full screen viewing - click on the video to play and then click on the box in the lower right-hand corner) 

Happy Birthday Hamilton! 2013 Promotional Video from The AHA Society

Hamilton Grange: Home of America's Indispensable Founder from Friends of St. Nicholas Park on Vimeo.


Event Photo Albums

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Blessing at Trinity Church

trinity blessingFather Bozzuti-Jones from Trinity Church gave a beautiful blessing of Alexander Hamilton's grave, followed by the reading of a proclamation from the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis. Finally, soil taken from Hamilton's birthplace on Nevis was sprinkled on the grave, uniting Hamilton's birthplace and final resting place.


Talk Inside Trinity Church

trinity broadcastDr. Richard Sylla, professor at New York University's Stern School of Business, gave a talk on "The Enduring Relevance of Alexander Hamilton" inside Trinity Wall Street. Trinity Church broadcast the event live on-line, and C-SPAN filmed Dr. Sylla's talk to air on their history channel.


Joint Birthday Celebration

birthday cakeFor the first time ever, a joint birthday celebration was held between the Museum of American Finance and the Alexander Hamilton Birthplace in Nevis, West Indies. Both locations were virtually connected with video and audio for this simultaneous celebration.

Doug Hamilton, 5th great-grandson of Alexander Hamilton cut the cake at the Museum of American Finance at the same time the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis cut the cake on Nevis's end - a symbolic link between Hamilton's homeland and his adopted home.


Talks at Hamilton Grange and Morris-Jumel Mansion

birthday card alexander hamilton npsRand Scholet presented "Washington's Indispensable Partner" at Hamilton Grange, followed by a National Park Service presentation on "Hamilton's Caribbean." In the afternoon, members of The AHA Society visited the Morris-Jumel Mansion (former residence of Aaron Burr) for a talk by Jimmy Napoli on "Alexander Hamilton: The Little Lion."


Happy Birthday Hamilton! Details

Interactive Event Flyer

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Original Event Information

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