Membership Registration

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Thank you for supporting the AHA Society through membership. 

Have a question? Email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AHA Society Membership Registration Forms

Option for Membership Registration By Mail

Are you planning on submitting your membership donation through a check in the mail? You have two options to submit the registration form: you can either fill out and submit the electronic form below, or you can print and fill out our printable membership registration form and mail it along with your membership donation check (Please note that checks should be made out to the AHA Society). 

Mail to: 
The AHA Society
c/o Membership Committee
P.O. Box 15704
Clearwater, FL 33766 

Get the printable membership form here.

Option for Membership Registration Online

Please fill out the electronic membership registration form below. Once you complete the form, press 'send' to submit and you will be automatically taken to the membership donation page to complete your membership submission. 


Don't forget to press the 'send' button above to submit your registration form. You will then be taken automatically to the membership donation page.

If you are not redirected properly, go to the membership donation page here

**AHA Society membership is based on the calendar year, with all memberships valid through December 31st of the year in which the membership was registered. If you are signing up for membership later in the year and would prefer to defer your membership until the subsequent year, we are happy to accomodate: just fill the "Membership Year" box with your preferred year. If you defer your membership, you will receive your membership package shortly before your membership year begins.

^By choosing to waive your membership package, you are stating that you do not wish to receive a membership package in the mail including member benefits such as the annual Alexander Hamilton calendar or other memorabilia. By waiving your membership package, you are eligible to write off the full amount of your membership donation for tax purposes (within the limits of state and federal tax laws).

2011 Membership Registration. (c) 2016 The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society
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