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The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society (AHA Society) was established in 2011 to increase the awareness of and appreciation for one of our nation's most influential Founding Fathers - Alexander Hamilton. It was founded by a group of people who had recognized Alexander Hamilton's important contributions to the American narrative, yet felt he was excluded from his rightful place in the history books. They have since come together to build a sustained effort to bring Hamilton's story to the public.

The AHA Society is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. Our mission is to provide accurate information in dynamic ways to grow awareness about Alexander Hamilton and other important figures from the Founding era. In order to gain more awareness about Alexander Hamilton’s important contributions, we are in the process of developing a “definitive” knowledge base about Alexander Hamilton. 



These materials have created an understanding that has captured the attention of those who have had an opportunity to review it - young and old, historians and non-historians, people who loved history class and those who hated it… and so on. THE AHASOCIETY has been overwhelmed with the consistently positive reactions. 

Two of America’s long-time senior historians have described their review of these findings with statements such as “This will change the dialog about the Founding Fathers in America”; “This is the first quantifiable definition of the contributions of our Founding Fathers”; “You really have something here”; “This analysis is historically accurate”; “I have never seen an approach like this in my 50+ years as a historian”; and similar comments.

Learn more about Alexander Hamilton and our approach


 "The Essence of Alexander Hamilton's Greatness"

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One unique approach that sets the AHA Society apart has been to compare and describe the contributions of Alexander Hamilton in a quantitative analysis of the founding fathers. With this approach, Alexander Hamilton's accomplishments are summarized into two consise statements with associated proofs that make up "The Essence of Alexander Hamilton's Greatness." Learn more about these statements and available accompanying presentations.


Have an "AHA" Moment

Today Alexander Hamilton is not as well known as other Founding Fathers. In fact, he is often referred to as "the person on the $10 bill" or "the guy that got shot in a duel." However, Alexander Hamilton was an indispensable Founding Father in creating the United States. 

The reason the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society is nicknamed the "AHA!" Society is because as readers learn more about Alexander Hamilton, they often have new discoveries and insights and experience many "AHA" moments. We hope you find information of value on both theAHASociety.com and our companion website AllThingsHamilton.com to have a few "AHA" moments yourself. Welcome!

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